Day Trips- Sunderland Point.

I am refusing to give in to the darker nights and colder days. I am refusing to put the light on earlier and I am refusing to wear my big slippers, but today I had to and it was really nice in the end. I took my 'giving in' day another step further by having an afternoon bath, having a packet of Super Noodles and a Milky Bar for my dinner and I read some leaflets. I got so comfortable that I started to dream about eating more Milky Bars and drinking ten cups of tea, wearing my scarf and hat and my freezing cold face and.... NO Emma! Look at these pictures from your trip out in the summer when it was boiling hot and you found a sock welded to the car park floor instead.

Sunderland point is a few miles from Lancaster and it is very calm and quiet there, except for the tide coming in, fishing boats creaking, the odd bee and oyster catchers chatting. It is really interesting and peaceful and I liked the local notice board and the teashop. I must also add that the public toilets were spotless with a lovely hand soap and paper towels. A truly superior toilet visit.

You can read all about Sunderland Points history HERE

I worried about this cat all day and all week and now I am worrying again and I hope somebody did see him and he came back.