Collections- Shopping lists and floor bits.

It is getting tougher out there on the mean shopping streets and as well as finding zero pennies, I am finding that shopping lists have also been scarce. I am hoping things will pick up in the next few weeks and to find some Christmas lists ten pages long with frantic writing on them about carrots and parsnips and what presents to buy for Auntie Sue in Antarctica.

A lovely Costco list- Toilet rolls, washing powder, waste bags and milk. 

Two large KitKats, washing soap and a small block, but of what? cheese? butter? cake?

A very special list here, pets, jaekets, TOFFEES and suet. I like that the sweets have taken priority.

Quick pencil sketch containing thinners, a box for socks and gift wrap. 

No messing about here- Pop, choc, Champ for the dog and bread.

Found inside my book from the charity shop.

Picture of the floor and grass for only £9.

Have you found anything nice recently?