Everyday- Almost....but not yet.

Does anybody else during the winter months wait for the 21st of December or this year it's the 22nd as then you know it is going to get light again and all of this dreariness will be gone? 

I do and after the great 'I am going to stay up all night and watch the summer solstice out the bedroom window 2014' affair, I am hoping that it is a nice day next week and I can go somewhere to watch the sunrise for the winter equinox. This is still to be confirmed in my head as last year I threw my alarm across the floor I was so incensed at the wake up time I had set myself. I think I just like the word equinox as it sounds grand.

Last week the sun came out briefly and did all of these nice things around the house. Low winter sun is a great love of mine topped with the shadows and white light it gives. I have three letters left to write for Christmas posting and this is all very good news. Voila.