Letters-Eyes Down and Airwolf.

It is Saturday and it has been a slow week in eyes down world, just 2p and a lost viola plant but still it is progress towards my new mackintosh. 

I have gone back to brightness this week with the post. I have been going through lots of my books and cuttings for some peculiar items to make mail art with. I fear as I am typing this without my glasses and I have been making post without my glasses on there could be anything on them envelopes. 

Outgoing here is for Keiko with a pretty faced member of Adam and the Ants on and Airwolf for Nick.

Cactus for Cindy and Adam Faith for Jamie.

A member of Sigue Sigue Sputnik for Heidi with a Bucks Fizz calculator background.

A face with a nice hat for Helene.

I must find my glasses now. Last seen under my bed with Daniel.