Letters-Posts of Steel- Part 1

The title of this chatting is very exciting isn't it. My post isn't made of steel but I did watch Superman 4 yesterday and on further inspection I found out that it was filmed in Milton Keynes and....you can go and visit where it was filmed and compare the locations with now and the film. I must make time to leave the house more often so I can go to Milton Keynes. Anyway by steel I mean power and by power I mean I have completed all of my outgoing letters which is very good news. I will do four chatting mail posts in honour of Superman 4 that will always be a very precious film because of Christopher.

Here is Roland Rat for Lorelai.

A lady with a tasteful flower hat on her head for Vanesa.

A brace friend for Emma. This boys braces are much neater than mine but I have turquoise bands so I win the braces.

The Queen for Megan. I was going to make her into an anti queen but I feared she would get intercepted in the sorting office and taken away.

Lady Di and a cross girl for Kat and Ana.

Outgoing for Rehana and Kate.

Tommy and Bobby and Paul.

Incoming postcards from Jamie, Heather and Beth.