March, April, May and June- Rewriting

One thing I can say about my New Year list I wrote back in January and then rewrote in February is that I'm consistent when it comes to not sticking to lists. It's July and we are in the middle of the year. I didn't stay up all night for solstice times like I did last year as I was too tired and also my mum kindly reminded me that you can actually get up on any day of the year and watch the sun rise. I mentioned I wanted to be a druid and feel at one with the world on such a special day. My mum gave me a chocolate éclair to eat quietly and I then felt at one with the cake instead. I read my lists back now and isn't it funny how even something you wrote six months ago can now sound so silly and not at all what you want or need now. This year so far has been ok and I'm feeling a bit clearer about things but also no further on or clearer on some things all at the same time. Daniel still wont wear summer hats, I haven't eaten green grapes, preferring peach slices in evaporated milk and I am still thinking about getting my hair cut into a bob. My braces are still on, I went to Stitch Club and Zine Fest and I am not an active member of archery club any more due to the left eye, right eye incident but I can still arch my way round if need be until January 2016. I have stopped buying pencil sharpeners with faces on as I have taken to finding things with faces on, on the beach instead.

The Daniel fan club is being put into place and we are going to be having some mini Instagram sales to sell our things to fund it. Daniels fan club funding is due to a certain someone only wanting the best so what Daniel wants, Daniel gets.

I am still debating whether to start a course and I am waiting for the Open University to get back to me but as I am the slowest ever at emailing people back I will have to probably rewrite the drafts of my messages all over again. I am still looking into art therapy but also I would like to be an astronaut but you can't really wander off in space so that might not be a good career move. I have made a big decision over my letter times and all of my overseas post will now be sent surface mail as the prices have become ludicrous. Just a gram or a CM over and its £2 more on top of the £3 odd which will not do.  I know its not about the money but I do think it is too much to pay. I have been getting around this by making my letters very tiny and flat so I still send all the nice things I want to send but tiny versions. You might need a magnifying glass to read and it might take two weeks extra to arrive but that's OK isn't it?

The idea of me 'making a dress/skirt- all of my future clothes 'just like Nanny used to' has gone but I will still give it a try. Have pattern, will make wonky dress with one arm bigger than the other. I did dye a lot of my small things flamingo pink which worked in the way of it not working like it should. It was a success but in a 'not all materials take or like flamingo pink dye the same'. I even took photos as a handy guide to see the before and afters but I decided against showing the afters as they are my lady things and nobody needs to see . I've created a new colour- Greylac. Grey into pink, once washed and it turns to lilac grey. Greylac. 

I haven't been swimming but I have started doing walks and I take my pet magnet out with me to find pennies and maybe get an ice cream if the moment takes me.  I still get cross if people walk too slow in front of me but that's because I have a stride I cannot break due to my poor old broken ankle. I can now do special moves to avoid the potterers and keep moving at a steady pace.

The 'be a better driver' part no longer applies as I am and I am the gold standard of car safety however to the summer vest dressed Ford Cosworth man who tried to race me at the lights. I said to myself you were giving it too much rev and that you would stall if you weren't careful. Sadly you did give it too much and after the big black cloud of smoke went away you stalled.  Ha. I am wearing my orange floaty pants more- it is still 1995 in my mind- I got the pants I got the secret. As for rewriting this list next month I have learnt that life lists aren't my thing and other peoples found shopping lists are much more exciting.