Everyday-What You Sow- Secret Seed Swap

I have followed what you sow on Instagram for a while now and there's always lots of lovely things to see on there. When they mentioned that they were going to do a secret seed swap which meant swapping seeds through the post and it was a secret, I started to hum nice tunes like this whilst I prepared it all.

As it was a secret who I would be sending my seeds to I wanted to make it nice. This is the front of the seed box.

I started with some plane tree seeds, that I brought back from London last September. I like plane trees, they are very clever.

I put a lot of different seeds in as I wanted my swapper to have a lot to choose from and grow. From what I remember I put in a mixture of caterpillar plant, strawberries, cress and love lies bleeding. 

Finished! I hope that they liked it all and that they all grow, especially the plane.

and here is my one seed packet I received. I got some coriander seeds which I will plant out next week as it is going to be too chilly this weekend.

You can visit what you sow at www.whatyousow.co.uk  and on Instagram @whatyousow and on twitter @whatyousow

Also you can see all the other swaps on Instagram by using #secretseedswap