Letters-Posts of Steel- Part 4

Well well well, just as predicted my keeping up with things has gone as badly as Superman 4 just like we said back in March. Not to worry though as a lot has gone on and lots of post has been received. I just need to get a move on replying and making. I have been making lots of new postal friends one of which is Jo from Flotsam Weaving who sent me the most beautiful box of beach gifts and the Penny Club Picnic will officially be going on tour at the end of May so that's very good news which I will write all about nearer the time. 

Outgoing catty post to Laura, Elliott and Het.

A letter detailing quotes that make me very cross to April. 

A thank you letter to Annika which I have now realised did not contain the cat treats I meant to send so now I need to make a sorry card with treats attached and the whole thank you letter post cycle will start again. Yes! that is Gaz Top and Gilbert!

Post in from Laura and Elliott but I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the cat sausage as Daniel ate it within seconds. So rude.

And to end, I received these beautiful Charles and Diana soaps from Becky. I am going to put them on my new specialist soap collection shelf, that I haven't made yet or even realised I needed until they arrived!