Zines-The Mysterious Lost Zine Bag of 2014

Sometimes my brain gets a bit funny, things about my person seem to get lost, misplaced or forgotten about until they are miraculously remembered in a fit of joy.

Last year I went zine on, hoovering them up, discovering them and buying everyone I saw and liked. All of these zines amongst the other 50 or so dotted about one day went mysteriously missing. I knew that they were in the house but I couldn't remember where. After debating for a while and then forgetting all about them again I set about trying to find my old 80's Argos catalogue to cut things out for envelopes. Lots of rummaging presented me with a Tesco bag full of papers and the mysterious lost zines of 2014. 

I made a series of noises and then another week later promptly started to pack them all away again neatly where they were found but in a box not a Tesco bag. That night, I felt uneasy and didn't sleep well in the night. As soon I woke up I got them all back out again, photographed them and now they are all on an eye level shelf so I can see them forever. I will also be gifting some as they should be passed on nice for readings and discovering. 

First of all The Chapess. I had admired The Chapess zines for a long while and I really wanted a Chapess zine badge. I ordered three issues and when they arrived I sat in silence on the settee reading every single one twice, three times over. I am cross with myself that they were in my lost bag but now everything is better and my badge is back on my coat again. You can visit The Chapess here and buy zines here

Next are my Young Explorer zines. The food issue was very interesting and I was sad to hear about the Middlesbrough transporter bridge being closed and also that a Parmo wasn't able to be tried and eaten as I really like Bechamel sauce. 

You can visit Young Explorer HERE. Visit Salford Zine Library HERE or go and see them in person (which I promised I would last year and now look:( or buy zines HERE.

Fancy by Laura Callaghan. I first saw Lauras work on her instagram and I saved up special to make sure I got issue 2. It is all very exciting inside with lots of colour and stories all with a twist. I might unpick some bits and frame them but I can't actually bring myself to. I will put it on the eye level shelf we talked about.

You can see more of  Lauras work HERE 

Here are some zines I got last year at the Liverpool Light Night event. This years was on last night so I am only a year behind. They are by the Fine Art students at Manchester School of Art and they are all very nice.

Here is peculiar coded zine which is very nice but I can't see who made it.

This is a set of three zines called Revoke with three issues called DIY, NOMAD and OUTSIDER. They are by Hannah Reynolds, Jess Watson and Graham Wann. I liked them very much and they are parcelled together in seperate envelopes and each zine is different.

All tied up by Sophie Butcher. It originally came with a balloon attached but I couldn't take it with me as it would have got popped by the general public. 

I very much liked this observation - 'I've always likened recruitment consultants to carrion crows feasting on the exhausted flesh of the dead' In my job club months I felt exactly the same way.

The Virgin Mary by Sofia. Lots of gems on the front and inside Mary lives the American dream. The zine fair invite. I like invites and leaflets.

Do you like bums? Then a zine all about them is what you need. Made by Mia Geczy, I was drawn to the neon pink on the front and inside is nice selection of booty and various styles of pants.

Lovely embossing.

Ministry of adventure is all about having nice times, getting back to a simpler life and also earning presents for yourself for doing such things like an adventure tattoo which are supplied.


I won a twitter competition last June run by co-founder of Geek Girl Pen Pals Emily Farquharson. I received this note card as I picked it special for the skeletons on and I received a badge and a note with a drawing on. I must not put things away any more, I repeat...I must keep everything in view of my eyes.

Subculture zine is a massive piece of work, it has so much stuff inside, a CD, a poster, leaflets and band reviews all wrapped up in its own little wallet. Made by Roland Kaye, It was a pleasure to meet him and all the students I may add- and hear him talk about his zine. It is always nice to meet people and I apologised to everyone at this point for my fringe being sweaty as I was getting very hungry and the room was very hot which meant I got hot and you know the rest.

Finally cute club which is run by Jessica Reeves. Jessica collects things and anybody who collects stuff is alright by me. Daniel and I are lifetime members of cute club and we have our very own membership card to say so. We even managed to get ourselves a paper doll with our issue number 2. You can visit cute club HERE and become a member just like Daniel and I.