Incomings, Outgoings-and it is still my birthday!

I am making my birthday last until next Saturday. I need it to as I feel all birthdays should be celebrated for a whole month. I am even thinking about having a birthday every month as why not? I have lots of piles of post to attend to and pictures to take of said posts but it is important now that I am 33 not to overstretch myself and make time for tea and sits. For example yesterday it was very hot outside so I ate two orange lolly ices in the garden one after the other as I had a busy morning of ironing 6 things . It wasn't a terrible lot of ironing but ironing is rubbish and I had to sit down more than once to compensate for my over standing. Never overstretch.

Here are some lovely posts I sent to Sarah.

A postcard from Kat with a cat on.

Beautiful posts from Margaret

My pen pal Lorelai entered us both in a Lucky Dip Club Instagram competition to win some feather crowns from Rouge Pony and we effing well won it! As soon as they arrived, I walked around the living room with them both on my head and pretended I was in Labyrinth when Jareth and Sarah - sorry me have THE dance.  One day this will happen and last year there was an owl on my neighbours chimney pot. It was Jareth, I know it was. He got off pretty quick though when I ran outside in my pyjamas to take his picture. Maybe it was my slippers that offended him? 

And finally I ordered this little pink plastic dog bag from Tiger Lilly Quinn. It was to be part of a birthday present for my friend Lisa and as Fritha sent me two, I gave my sister one for her birthday as well. I am now without little pink plastic dog bags.