Stitch Club at Fred Aldous.

After visiting NWZineFest and a visit to HOME, I limped off to Piccadilly station as I had a blister to catch the train to my sisters house. As soon as I boarded I became very sleepy and after collecting no floor pennies or in fact seeing any pennies all day I became quite sad about the days money finding situation.  I disembarked off the train at my stop and there they were, a shiny 2p and a 1p side by side. My looking down all day money finding sore neck had been a success!  After my tea of pizza and spaghetti hoops I played with Sonny the cat and Edie the poodle and then I fell straight to sleep on my blow up bed. 

Stitch Club is run by Sarah and was held at Fred Aldous, which is somewhere I have always wanted to visit but have never got round to. The idea was that we would design and make a stitching pattern to go on the back of a jacket like a biker.

The rainy morning arrived and I packed my giant bag with a flask and sandwiches made by my big sister and then boarded the train to take me back into Manchester. Within seconds of sitting I spotted a 5p on the floor of the train. The rain and wind outside now didn't matter as I was rich.

Arriving at Piccadilly I suddenly became very nervous. What if I make a stupid noise? What if I don't speak? I am not a very good stitcher, do you think I could just watch everybody else instead? All of these silly things were forgotten when I walked in and was greeted by Sarah and a table full of Werthers Originals, party rings, fabric and felt. I firstly met two lovely ladies called Vee and Linsey. Linsey runs Dolly's Haberdashery in Warrington and I will make a very big effort to visit there soon. Next to arrive were Lauren and Lianne and then Penny Club CEO Ingrid and Sarah who I had met the day before.

I quickly calmed down and broke out my flask of tea which I realise now I should have offered around but maybe next time I can borrow my brothers gas camping kettle that boils water instantly, teas up cock! 

Everybody chatted nice and got on with what they wanted to design and I sat there thinking about my sandwiches for a bit. I have always wanted to be able to sew and embroider but I would always get sloppy and then ask my mum to do it instead. That was until today, I told myself and after selecting a few pieces of felt, had a quick read about appliqué and a helpful mention from everyone about Daniels behaviour, I decided to cut out felt letters saying 'Oh Dear Daniel' as that's all I ever say to him, mainly after he has been sick on something special of mine or just in general everyday conversation as he has a lot going on inside that wise old head.

I cut out pieces of coloured felt like a 5 year old and I am ok with that as it was like fuzzy felt and Lianne liked my felts and we all liked fuzzy felt so hooray for the felt!  I then got big brain ideas of sewing a diorama felted Daniel, I realised that it wasn't paper I was dealing with any more and my usual ripping, cutting and glueing times were to be forgotten today as I needed to be careful with my scissors. I learned that I need to practise cutting out the letter N as it turned into a zig zag upside down non identifiable letter.

I sewed my O and H onto a piece of fabric that I might make into a pennant type patch but I haven't decided yet. We ate and laughed and chatted and it was a really nice couple of hours spent making things and meeting lovely people in real life. Afterwards we looked around Fred Aldous at neon things and pens and then gravitated towards the photo booths. 

Here is a picture of me and Sarah in the colour booth. I placed Werthers around it and it is not weird. 

The next stitch club is on the 28th June and you can buy tickets for it here and read Sarah's post about it here

PS- I found 3p on the way back to the station and a 1 Euro cent. A good found money day was had by all...however I had to leave two pennies behind as I only spotted them late and one when I was half way up the escalator. I haven't stopped thinking about them :(