See a penny pick it up- Penny Club Life

Pennies, what are they for eh? They accumulate in your purse until they weigh your bag down like a big boulder. You try to pay for your purchases with pennies and your met with the stink eye of doom. Take them into the bank to pay into your account and the counter is immediately closed as soon as their coppery smell enters through the door. They sit in tins, bowls, pockets and giant 80's whiskey bottles waiting for the time their day will come, well today pennies of the world your time has come! 

I have always collected money off the floor. Usually this treasure would be put straight into my pocket or purse to be spent on something unnecessary. I have never kept a total of found monies it was just something I did, had always done and brought embarrassment to whoever was with me as I ran to pick up these lost precious metals.  Once I even amassed enough on the school playground to buy a KitKat in the canteen. I enjoyed every last mouthful of my free found money treat.  

Whilst chatting on Twitter Sarah mentioned that she was going to start collecting lost coins in an attempt to make some extra monies this year. (read her skint post here and penny club post here). I immediately waded in with my 2p (ha!) and with Ingrid the whole premise of penny club was born. The initial starting points in penny club has been to find £100 by Christmas. There aren't any massive rules as we don't like them but any monies acquired have to be found on the cold hard streets, lost 20p's found by car park machines, lonely 5p's that have fell into the gutter, a 1p left behind on the Co-Op floor, pick them up! The only thing is are you brazen enough to pick them up? Well yes I'm afraid I am as I'm skint and they are currency monies and I don't care for the embarrassment. I have antibacterial wipes so we are good to go.  Any monies found in your old pants, down the side of the settee or other precarious household place must go into the household penny bowl not the penny club jar as chances are they were yours to start with so they don't count. 

So it was the second week in January this all began. I had a cold rosy face and big hopes that we were going to be penny floor finder pennyaires. This hope was proved further when I dug up 20p on Southport Beach just two days later. 'I AM RICH'  I exclaimed to the empty winter beach holding my metal detector up to the sky. This elation was felt further when I paid a visit to the Starbucks drive through and after an out of the window inspection spotted a whopping £1.06 on the floor under the window. I leapt out of the car and shouted 'A POUND!!' I was then instructed back inside my vehicle and I put my precious gold nugget in my special penny purse. The way I see it everywhere you go is a new penny adventure, there are so many discarded coins all around you and they need help. I have a sore neck most days from scanning the ground and have even mistaken shiny chewy on sunlit car parks for a 10p but the key out of that is to always act like you were looking at that anyway and calmly remove your person away from the scene.  

Favourite discards are pennies, 5p's and 20p's. 2p's yes but not as much as 1's. Not many 10p's and no 50p's yet- I say yet as I will find one. I've had good weeks and bad weeks, sometimes just 1p all week and last week by the canal a beautiful 25p in mixed coin was found. The bad days can overtake the good and I am still haunted by the 'Piccadilly 2' that I had to leave behind on the station floor. One lonely penny was by the ticket machine and there was a lot of shouting and people getting cross about the queue, it was being ignored and I just couldn't get in to save it. Boarding the escalator to catch my train I saw a lonely 1p on the platform.  I couldn't gauge the speed of the escalator and I was hoping I could somehow use mind power to make it float up to me. I debated whether I had time to run back and get it but I would have missed my train. I still feel sad for them but some pennies are just not meant to be.

Each and every penny goes into the found money jar which is regularly counted and maintained. So far at the time of writing I have amassed the total of £5.13.  The original target of £100 by Christmas seems a distant dream but I will not be swayed and it might be next year or the year after but I will have that £100. However I am getting very precious about them and I don't even know if I will ever be able to stop collecting them or what my target will eventually be. EYES DOWN!