Incomings and Outgoings.

This week I have rested and made some lists about lists of things to do. Daniel has been very well behaved and he has a new blanket for his chair. we  have been getting some things together to have mini Instagram sales of our stuff so we can buy stamps and make some room  for Daniels party tent- Daniel loves his parties.

Here are some Charles and Di mini plates and a jewel trinket box sent to me by Gemma from Vintage Cheadle.

I received this beautiful birthday post from Beth and I did eat cake for my breakfast!

Jo sent me some Thames beach finds and the paper on which her letter was written had maps on the back. Geography on!

I very much like Uncle Joes Mint Balls. They remind me of a school trip to Wigan Pier where I bought a whole jar of them and wouldn't share as they were my mint balls. These are also MY mint balls.

Meerkat looking interesting lucky stone of meerkat.

Jo also sent me a copy of The Wrecking Season which is just beautiful and for anyone who loves the beach, beach combing and collecting then definitely watch it as you will do a lot of 'YES' and nodding. I have watched it three times so far and it is my new favourite film.

I did a small swap of some fern magazines with Betty from the Lost Wren. Isn't this print a beauty! Visit her shop here to see lots of nice things. I like bees.

Outgoing post to Betty.

Outgoing post to Ingrid.

Incoming post from Ingrid with a very lovely Chapess zine badge.

and finally a lovely mailing list treat sent through the post from Nikki Miles. Go and see and join her mailing list for nice things.