Incomings-Outgoings-Birthdays-Beaches and Badges.

This Saturday I turn 33. I am very pleased about it but I really do need to invest in some eye cream and from my past lists I have written and not carried on with (I will) I really do need to go to bed earlier and get my papers and life in order. However this can wait until next week as I am quite sleepy and I'm very behind in everything, Ha what's new there! I have received lots of lovely posts and parcels and I am taking lots of time to reply as I can and it is not a race. If you have sent me some post, Daniel is minding it for safekeeping and we will reply next week together. Daniel may also send you some fur and lick your envelope nice.

So.. I received these badges from Sarah and last weekend I got to meet her in real full on life at NWZineFest where I met more real life people and then on Sunday at Stitch Club, I met even more real life people. I will write all about those things next week after birthdays and my free birthday Beefeater pub meal- but only when bought in conjunction with a main meal on production of a voucher. Sarah asked what my favourite or most recent swears were and my most used amongst other words is pissing hell so this is what I chose my badge to say. Eyes Down is from our Penny Club and as we are two of the presidents (Ingrid being the third) of such a prestigious club we needed badges.  'If your eyes are down, the pennies will be around' and various other rhymes are often said. It's fun to rhyme.

Outgoing to Kate.

Kate and Wills sent me this special postcard whilst they were out in Manchester.

Postcard from Kate showing Dungeness Nuclear Power Plant that she visited for her birthday times. It looks exactly like my kind of place and I must make a trip to the visitor centre as I heard they have a gift shop which means key rings and power station ephemera.

Jordan sent me some stamps of the queen and some horses and check out the Channel Tunnel stamps!

I sent a big parcel of Beach finds to Jo at Flotsam Weaving. Beachcombing is my favourite thing to do and armed with my carrier bag, metal detector and trowel I can quite happily stay looking on the beach all day long. Tea breaks and sandwiches aside of course. I met Jo through twitter and have been obsessed with her tapestries that she weaves out of found items off the beach. 

I put together a parcel of alsorts of things I had found over the past few months that had washed up on Southport beach and some things I found up near the caravan in Knott End. A plastic camera, tasteful lilac comb, bottle tops, coal, wood, shells, a Hamlet cigar lighter and a dolls body which was a very exciting find. It is quite upsetting really just how much rubbish and plastic is on the beach and the amount of everyday rubbish that's just stuck there.  Where did it all come from? who lost their tiny plastic camera? How did the person who lost their comb feel later on that day when wanting to brush their tatty beach head and found that it had gone? Did they get a new comb and lose that also?

I received a beautiful parcel back from Jo which had an enormous selection of treats inside. Look at these Thames River finds! We have said that we will go mud larking and beach combing together and take tea and bin bags to fill up this year, or every month or every week, so what, lets go everyday! I love my old crockery so much and my pipes. That is right, my crockery and my pipes. They smell like salty mud.

Lots of Smartie lids and various other plastics and a Weymouth snow globe for my collection. I haven't found any original Smarties lids yet and they made me really want the tube so I could fire the lid off into the wall or usually the nearest persons eye. So many new jars of things to make and be catalogued. I have a teeth jar now so any dentures or teeth's you don't want I will swap you! Found beach dentures especially welcome.