Incomings-Outgoings and David Byrne.

Last week was very very busy with lots of new things happening which I will write all about soon. I have lots of letters to reply to and I am being kinder to myself about how long it has taken me to reply to them, in fact kinder to myself in general about lots of things I haven't done or started yet. I was feeling bad about not replying quickly, not emailing back quickly, not writing on here enough, so many things but I am stopping all that and I am just going to channel David Byrne when he sings one of my favourite songs  'Oh, I'm dressed up so nice,and I'm doing my best'  

I received a big full parcel of treats from Jamie and I am now addicted to Swedish Fish sweets. I made them last a whole week as I never wanted them to end. I even taped the top tight shut so they wouldn't go bad. Please send more fish! I also received in my parcel my first ever pennant which is a beauty. I have always wanted one and now I have my very own.

I received this lovely box of trinkets from Sarah and some Werthers Original which I ate for strength. Also an engraving kit which I once wrote to Father Christmas about. I now have my very own puppy and kitten copper foil edition.

Outgoing to Isla. As I am typing 'outgoing' I am already starting to feel terrible again about my lateness but I must channel my inner David Byrne and his massive suit.  Did I ever tell you I shook his hand once? (I might have grabbed it)