Incomings/Outgoings and Mysterious Lists.

I collect shopping lists. I have done for a very long time and I have even managed to part with a few to other shopping list collectors. My recent finds have been very nice ones. I especially like this typed neat computerised list. This is from a person who knows what they want, where to get it and likes a tidy ship. But what is W.W? 

I was pleased to see TV Choice took first place over the salad.

Prunes in natural juice.

My newest penpal Laura sent me a lovely envelope of trinkets and a matchbox for my collection.


Incoming mail from Isla and Lorelai.

Outgoing mail to Becky and Lorelai with two lovely ladies on the front.

A beautiful parcel arrived from Megan. She heard my woeful tale on twitter about my love for Quarterback crisps and how difficult they are to find. She kindly sent me 5 bags of which 4 have been eaten and this lovely postcard and a Hannah Directory. I have never seen such a thing as this so I investigated and its full of wondrous things and I feel bad for not knowing or ever seeing a copy of it as Hannah is brilliant!

Read all about her here and the Hannah website is here.