Incomings/Outgoings and big new things.

Last Friday I started my new job at the library in town. It was raining terrible when I woke up and I was extremely nervous and my hair went wrong but once I got there it was OK. Then as the day went on I felt better and by the end of the day I felt good and wanted to tell everyone on my way home that I had, had a nice day.  I soon calmed down however, made a cup of tea, had a sit and then fell asleep. It has been a massive big huge thing and I am very pleased about all of it and I did a lot of breathings, ate Kit Kats and just let things happen nice.  My incoming and outgoing pile is still quite big but I have snapped out of the fog and making movements to have all my letters written, finished and posted by the end of the month. Here is some good advice from Kamilla with neon tapes and inks.

Outgoing to Kamilla.

Jean sent me this lovely collage a few months back especially for me after sending her some maps.

Incoming zine post from Siobhan with a lovely Swan compact teas-made out of the Argos catalogue. I love my teas-made.

Lots of postcards-if you have sent me one then I have it and I will send you some back!

So many beauties from Anne.

Beauties from Kate. A cacti book and Puss in Boots catching a rat.

A lot of things are going on, but good things and good things are good.