Beach finds-Southport

A couple of weeks ago I went off to the beach for a walk. I can never just walk though, I have to take my mini trolley, magnet, carrier bags, flask of tea, crisps and sometimes my metal detector. Even if I end up on the beach when originally I was going out for milk, my pockets are always full by the end of my trip. Here are some recent finds from Southport last month.

I would really like to know more about my pottery bits especially the one that says Imperial Porcelain. I also really like all the different patterns and the blue one above with the white cross on.

This is my favourite piece as it has a man playing a guitar on or I have been told maybe its a lyre? I would love to see what the original design looked like.


Crab heads. They look like ghosts.

A bike reflector, old plastic letter H and a Marilyn Monroe lighter.

My favourite friend, beach coal.

Nice old oyster and shell bits.

Do you go beach combing? Maybe one day we can swap some of our beach bits and pieces if you fancied.