Collections- Beach.

Summer beaches are very nice and all but there doesn't seem to be that much in terms of big treasures to find as the tides are small and I need the winter storms. I still found lots of pottery and glass and a good bit of blue glass as well as this old bottle top. It says Sheffield Mineral Water and it still has the rubber seal attached, which is nice.

Pottery bits and the spout off a teapot I think.

Best find of the day goes to this spring friend with teeth's.

A bottle top and neck, old Bakelite light fitting and a key.

I don't really know why I took this home but as its a big piece of plastic, I thought I would put it in the bin to be recycled so it was off the beach completely. It has since become a garden cane holder. I looked up the company and it is based in Indonesia so it has floated a long way to Southport or maybe it fell off a ship?