Incomings/Outgoings- Swears and The Hoff.

Getting moving again with writing is very nice. I have been incredibly slow with my replies but I have bought fresh glue sticks and we are now good to go.

I received this beautiful parcel of things from Sarah and I am now in possession of my very own Explorers Press patch which I am currently moving around my coat for the best angle. I want everybody to see it at all times.

Leigh sent me this embroidery after we swapped lists of swear words. I think its beautiful but I might have to put a sticker over the C and T words when my mum visits.

Outgoing post to Sarah with a very brooding Adam Ant.

Incoming posts from Megan,with a lovely envelope all about knots.

Outgoing to Megan with The Hoff, he is smiling at YOU!