September -Nice times.

The autumn is arriving, the cold chilly mornings, the late evening sun making everything orange for five minutes through my window. I like it very much and I don't know if it's to do with the whole back to school thing as a kid but this time of year always seems to bring nice things and new people to meet. It is a nice feeling is this autumn business.

Here are some things I found outside the library. A tissue paper head with an eye and woolly hair and a glow in the dark dinosaur. He is very green at night-time. I was granted custody of the dinosaur and he now lives on my science and nature shelf. 

Outgoing to Kate with some nice pictures on top. It isn't properly finished yet as I can't decide what colour tape to put around the edges.

Charity shop gold stared me right in the face for £1! I have always wanted to post off some secrets to Frank, maybe I should set a month aside or maybe a year to write them all out!

Are you doing any nice Septembery things?

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