Collections- Penny Club Picnic.

Penny Club started last year with my good friends Sarah and Ingrid all being finders keepers, eyes down a- ramas, co owners and divisional managers. 

I've had some excellent finds with a 50p being a personal favourite. There's been two £5 notes and a £2 coin, lots of pennies and 5p's seem to be the silver of choice. I have given myself a sore neck, mourned lost pennies I never managed to pick up (RIP the Piccadilly two) and found myself being bashed in the bum by a fast pushed shopping trolley as I bent down to pick up a 10p. I kept my balance, it was fine and the pusher of the trolley was apologetic when I said I had dropped £1 of my own. Penny club is tough you must keep your head at all times in all money finding situations and stick to your story.

I've found monies in shops, drive thrus, on the street, parks, the beach, under benches, train stations, car parks and a 20p in some forgotten corner in Disley where my sister said it was where people sometimes wee on the way home from the pub. A piece of chewy wrapper was all I needed to bring it home.  Some weeks have been dormant and misleading with even a giant chocolate button almost being mistaken for a 2p. Again the key is to pretend your doing something else like scratching your leg or fixing your shoe once you have realised you have made an error.  Never apologise for these errors though, this is Penny Club for gods sake. The total amassed for 2015 has been £26.74 which for a years worth of floor findings is very good work. I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet. I might stick it in a new bank account for penny finds as The Penny Club Annual 2016 Gala with donkey gymkhana, cake table and penny slot machines won't pay for itself!

I've started a new jar for 2016 and five days in there's already 27p in it. How have you been doing with your penny finds?