Everyday- Watching.

Giving yourself a day to just sit and watch stuff is a much underrated past time and also one that people can be quite rude about. 'So, what have you been doing today?' 'Oh, I just sat and looked out of the window and ate crisps, you?' (insert rants about work, car parking, cleaning duties, forgetting your dinner, the weather and the best- 'I wish I could just sit about all day watching stuff' Well do you know what cock? you can! I spent yesterday as it was MY day off from work, sitting. I didn't get dressed as I didn't have to, I did my duties but only small ones like a bit of hoovering and then I proceeded to sit and watch stuff all afternoon.

I watched this shadow in the kitchen...

I watched my poinsettia out of the window and realised the windows do need cleaning but not now.

I watched a worm come out of these apples, which I rescued and put outside.

I watched a robin fly into my holly and then it shouted at me.

I watched my Salvia be all pretty.

I watched Daniel trying to catch the toad, which then made me think I should start taking some pictures for his dating profile. The kind of lady cat I would like him to have hasn't been finalised yet but there will be a questionnaire and tests. He thinks of Mitzy fondly but it is time to move on (I said.)

I said 'Smile nice Daniel!' 

I watched the leaves change in the sun on my Ash tree. 

I then watched whilst getting autumnal sunburn, two pigeons getting it on in the tree and felt pleased I had watched so many things. 

Now I will sort out my shopping lists.