Letters-Bewildered, Madge Bishop and a Neighbours Annual.

An awful lot of things have gone on recently which has made my CPU go on fire and today has been no exception with an endless raft of events which will ultimately end up with me attending a support group and amassing a fine. I processed this data in my short trip I took upstairs to my bedroom to stare out of the window and then thought about it more whilst I picked the pineapple off my pizza. I have decided that I hope they have tea, that they show 90's road safety videos, we get a dinner, they provide pens and it starts around 11am for best face purposes. 

Madge Bishop and my outgoing posts don't have any of these problems though. Look at her lovely teeth.

Lovely Des with a big cactus. Des and Daphne are one of my favourite Neighbours couples. Not that I watched Neighbours much at all.

Dancers for Cindy.

So special and I see it from all angles Baz.

No YOU have a Neighbours 1987 annual that is YOUR new favourite thing.

Cor! Scott and Paul together glued as one. Please let us not forget this beautiful moment from Stefan Dennis. I've never seen anybody open a metal gate quite like it.

Incoming from Heather and Nick.

I shall now look at 90's road safety videos and pretend I am in a conference call whilst sending a fax. I also need to tell you about my trip to London last week and The Penny Club AGM back in August, but I am too obsessed with watching this over and over to do anymore today. Neighbours Annuals are dangerous things.