Everyday-Spoons, Victorians and a Knitted Teddy.

After a very nice few weeks of this and that and some Victorian courting I have finally sat down to attend to my correspondence. I am now entering the 'get everything sent out ready before Christmas' stage which I spectacularly fail at every year. I pride myself on my consistency.

Here is a lovely card from Heather with some birds that could be fish but are probably birds on.

Egg post from Sarah with a very nice patch. I can assure you if they did, they will have me to deal with.

On a our first Victorian date, Dan gave me these postcards as present with the lovely Miss Wong being my favourite. 

Then presented these.. to the naked eye they are posh spoons, silver glittery spoons with crowns and a carriage and some people on the top but hang on a minute!!!......

It's only Charles and Di on their wedding day!! They are my new posh forever pudding spoons, one day it could be the carriage with a fruit cocktail, the next Westminster Abbey with a raspberry trifle. Charles and Di will have the pleasure of eating Butterscotch Angel delight tonight with digestives on top.

Prince and Werewolves on VHS. I'm sold!

A very overdue outgoing envelope featuring everyone's favourite landlady Bet Lynch, just don't mention the Gilroy years please.

Here is a very funny story (it isn't) I love Hyacinth Bucket, she is my spirit guide for pretend poshness and I also love Patricia Routledge. I had an excellent idea that I should write to her, I dreamed about doing so, so obviously it was a sign. I hunted out her managements address and decided that the best way to her heart would be to make a lovely collage of Hyacinths with a special winking Hyacinth at the bottom. I mean who wouldn't be pleased with this show of affection? I enclosed a SAE so she couldn't refuse my gift and simply had to send a note of thanks and here we are over 8 weeks and 3 days later and nothing, not a sausage. Pat, love, I am hurt.

Being Victorian means you can listen to nice melodies and waltzes in your spare time.

I received a copy of the coveted crisp zine from Seleena and I wrote a bit about my love of Smiths Tubes. Go and visit her at -www.seleenalavernedaye.co.uk and buy her zines at- www.seleenalavernedaye.bigcartel.com

Sarah and I went on a mini Penny Club summit last month and we felt the painful need for cake after videoing an automaton. Sarah mentioned we could go to Valerie's as they do lovely cakes and I wanted gateaux. 'What size are the slices? ample? small? enough?' I asked. 'Fucking massive' Sarah replied. Excellent.

More Cocteau Twins from Dan. I might frame it as look at that marbling plus it is very special.

Shells and a badge of wonderment.

and a snow globe of Victorian Christmas man in hat with bag. Its not Victorian.

And the best knitted teddy who lives on the newly acquired knitted teddy shelf. He is a proper keeper.

After lots of trips and sights the total penny count for this week has been 3p. One was waited for, one I held a queue up for and the other I pulled my back out for. Worth it.

Special Brighton snow globe action. It is very grand isn't it.

Now I eat and bathe as Daniel needs his hair combing and tummy times.