Everyday- Don't It Make You Feel Good?

Little is said about my love for Stefan Dennis. I know I have it, I know I watch his videos on Youtube and I am now using him to sing me out of 2016.

Most of my yearly 'milestones' all involved mainly sitting and talking to Daniel about things regarding other Daniels and what we shall have for us teas.

If I was to compare this year with last year and the three before that, it has been champion. I've visited new places, met new people, done new stuff and eaten two massive buffets in one day of all of the worlds foods. I have made some tear sheets for my forthcoming buffet concept book- 'Why does the jelly look so sad?'

I have a better idea of what I need to do, what I don't need to do, who I need to speak to and who I do not. 

Going into next year which is three and a half hours away, I will wake up nice and venture to the garden centre to pick up half price calender's and a bag of bouncy balls. I have decided I have exhausted some of my collections as they have become specialist such as mouses teeth, tiny shoes-like hens teeth and dolls heads washed up on the beach- hells teeth. Bouncy balls provide endless fun and even more fun is felt when you bounce them so hard they go over next doors fence and bounce onto the roof and sometimes block an important gutter drainage system. I am aiming to have the biggest collection of Bouncy balls in the world, be a record breaker, dedication is all I need but I said this about the tiny shoes. 

I have now got two New Year Chicken Kievs in the oven and maybe I will team them with some onion rings and waffles. A special tea.

As we are waiting for Stefan to finish his phonecall lets remind ourselves of this beauty.

and now, let him take you gently into 2017 in a flurry of niceness and slow motion gates being kicked down, as nothing else matters, its true.. Thanks Stefan.