Everyday-Christmas Consistency.

Each year Christmas comes as a surprise to me and I worry and I rush and I do stuff late and end up with a headache sat surrounded by sellotape and Daniel crying into my face. This year I have taken all of the worry out of it and just decided to be late and not rush, use newspaper as wrapping paper and give the gifts of shells off the beach and some of Daniels fur rolled up into little balls. Consistency is the key inside your Magic Step shoes - Father Christmas 1989 -I am still waiting for a pair.

Here are some things off the beach that may or may not have been wrapped up as Christmas presents.

Much Christmas. Here are my outgoing consistent late parcels decorated with bingo marker for consistent delight and wrapped up in Daniels favourite cat food boxes.

Here are some pictures of Daniel for his Christmas card. As we are consistent with our lack of getting things done, Daniels 2017 calendar of various pictures of him showing his bits has had to be postponed. He just can't move around like he used to and sadly cannot reach them anymore. Poor Daniel. He instead spent the day helping me build a set with his friends on the kitchen table and not really wishing to take part.

A body double was brought in, in case Daniel just couldn't go out there.

And... 'Action Daniel!'

And 'Action Daniel!'

'Again Daniel'

'Just one nice one for me?'

Thanks Daniel.

Moving swiftly away from the worst 5 minutes of Daniels life, I received this beautiful book that Heather made me. I will be writing everything down in it. EVERYTHING.

To finish I bought this majestic packet of incense for 50p as the lady on the front made me. I have buried the incense far away as it makes me sneeze.

It is Daniels hairbrush time now and I am very consistent with this.