Everyday- Holiday Power Sliding.

I haven't been power sliding on holiday or even know what power sliding really is but it came into my head and this is what I am going with. Quite a few bits and pieces have gone on this past month.  I found a letter D for Daniel and he hated it.

Sarah sent me an Orinoco patch. I do remember often that I am a Womble.

I went on my holidays to see Dan and the charity shops sent me these.

Gifts from Dan of Cocteau Twins and a misunderstood monkey bear person called Algernon.

All the best things.

I amassed quite a few lists. I hope somebody did phone Maeve and get the potatoes.

After a trip to Fishbourne where we saw knitted Romans, we ended up living in Bognor for a few hours. We were perplexed but the beach provided us with evening niceness and beamed down an old Smarties lid.

Chichester provided Marmite and some hygiene. Marmite can make you feel this way sometimes.

Two golden beauties were purchased for a £1 that I was going to cut up but I cannot ever do this.

You bet!

I might frame this and hang it above my bed. I will call them 'The Daniels'

Lots of gold was found on the streets of holiday world and I will be spending it all next week on the Penny Club World Buffet Tour parts 1-4.

You can see more holidays here and a very misunderstood alarm installation in Chichester Cathedral. It had a quiet beauty of all its own.