Letters- Almost March.

We are now coming into the last two weeks of February and this is very good news. 2016 started oddly for me and I have been guilty of 'just getting through the days' sometimes. Having said that quite a bit has gone on, some good some bad. The bad will be left in last year and the good shall be written down in letters and on pieces of paper that I shall keep until next year then throw them away to the wind. 

I have been busy finding gems such as these....

Some nice old Russian stamps.

I received this lovely package from Annika with the tiniest plant inside I've ever seen. Daniel was very pleased that he got a present as well.

Last Sunday was Penny clubs sort of Spring/Midwinter gala where Sarah, Ingrid and I spent Valentine's Day at The Whitworth. I wore my new boots for the trip which I wished I hadn't as they hurt but I got very excited as they zipped up my leg without any bother which is a feat in itself when it comes to zip up boots and Graney legs. I met Ingrid at Piccadilly and then walked to The Cornerhouse to meet Sarah. We then walked for many more miles and my hips started to give in as it must have been 1000 miles away at least. We then met Steve and Liz from Salford Zine Library and we went for a cup of hot chocolate and ate nice cakes that Ingrid had made. I had never been to The Whitworth before and I liked it very much. It had a very nice parquet floor and some nice views. There was an exhibition of Tibor Reich which was nice and I liked the rugs and fabrics.  There was also a whole room filed with wallpapers which was also very nice. I wanted to touch them but you weren't allowed.

Then we did some colouring in of paper flowers and stuck them in plant pots. I collected some pamphlets and we looked around the shop where Sarah and I purchased this postcard.

 Lawrence Lemaoana 2015

Lawrence Lemaoana 2015

I used last years penny club proceeds to fund my trip so it was a gratis purchase.

Back to the train station I felt like a Nana as my hips started to give way even more than before and I felt I was going to crumble into a million pieces. I made it up the steep mountain inside and purchased a nice sandwich and some cherry Coke. I found two lonely pennies on the platform and felt that last years Piccadilly two had been redeemed.  

I then went home and ate crisps and watched Deutschland83. I had a lovely day and I now know that I must dress more correctly in future and not get chuffed that just because one pair of boots fastened up my legs in ten years, this doesn't mean they are appropriate for a six mile walk. 13,004 steps to be precise. 

I went to the beach about two weeks ago and found these nice things.  

And I am going to be closing my Etsy shop for a bit whilst I put new wallpaper up and install a new kitchen in there. You can until Monday 29th February get 50% off everything using code 'NEWKITCHEN'  

It has all got to go to make way for a new oven hood and sandwich maker. In real life I am making Daniel Fan Club things and this time I MEAN IT!