The Daniel Fan Club

Daniel is a very special cat. I spend hours taking care of his needs but the majority of his need times happen in the morning. A typical day starts when he comes to wake me up by kicking my door in, shouting and jumping until I open my eyes. We then like to sit and wake up properly, read the news on our phones, turn the TV on and do our exercises. Daniel will then graciously wait whilst I have my morning routine but gets bored and will push open the bathroom door and watch whilst I am in there. I have spoken to him about this as it is just not correct and very rude. 

Daniel is then carried downstairs in his dressing gown papoose as he is a prince and we will make our breakfasts. Daniel will choose from a selection of various meats in packets, salmons, hams or tunas depending on his mood or the weather. I always have a cup of strong tea with Coco Pops or egg and toast. Once chosen we then in silence eat and ponder our day. I never get my full quota of quiet as Daniel wants to go out for his 10 minute garden walk and ablutions.

I return to my tea and maybe watch a bit of Everybody loves Raymond as it really does get better over time! Daniel will now begin his endless shouting to get back in after his wash and he has his second breakfast. 

I know it's safe for me to wash and get dressed now but not always as I hear a tap at the door and it's Daniel. It is kicked open again but he promptly leaves when I pick up my hair dryer. Depending on which object he has chosen not to like on a daily basis, from here the day is set for me to leave the house once I'm ready as Daniel wishes to sleep and rest.

Early evening arrives and as I have been sent out somewhere or at work my return is met with a glance of disgust for leaving him by himself. I will then prepare Daniels tea of salmons and sausage treats, me whatever's in the fridge and then we have one hour of hair brushing. After tidy up time Daniel will have an hours outdoor patrol and visit his friends, he arrives back inside and is instantly distressed as he has spotted the hoover. I put this away and leave Daniel to wash and recover. After a busy evening of meeping at me, we have our supper and with Daniel all full up and exhausted he goes and tucks himself up in his blankets ready for bed. I am now ready for my door to be flung open again in the morning and we start all over again. 

Daniel was my late sisters cat. He came to live with me in 2004 after a bad start with two previous owners before Ali rescued him. When Ali came to live with me, Daniel had my old cat Puss to deal with as well as a new neighbourhood and house. Puss lived until she was 20 and will forever be the most bad tempered lovely old madam I've ever met.  Daniel loved her very much and would always sit with her and try to talk about his day but she would always hiss at him and tell him to go away and to get off her bed. Poor Daniel. 

Daniel gets very nervous when he has to think about things he doesn't like, this includes loud noises, dogs barking, hair dryers, people sneezing, people knocking at the door, the lawnmower, the hoover, the bin men and birds tweeting in his face- recently our 60 strong troupe of starlings. He also doesn't like Turkish Delight, plain Ritz biscuits, people sitting on his garden lounger, not having enough knee time and next door but ones cat.  

He has a particular way of living and this concerns doing everything he wants for a specific amount of time and then doing everything else your doing for the rest of the day. He is a good judge of character and will let it be known if your allowed to stay or go if we have visitors. As The Spice Girls famously sang 'If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my cat' or something along those lines.

The Daniel Fan Club came about a few years back when my sister made a badge of his face. We mentioned at the time about trying to sell them and that he should have his own fan club. We never got to do it but forward almost five years and Daniel has finally agreed. I think the responsibility of being a world wide star, being papped, all night parties and gratis gift bags from events sits quite well with him now.  

Daniel and I have had a lot of arguments over the contents but after some long nights and four boxes of mint Cornettos we have decided that you will receive a membership card, a badge, a word search that Daniels Nanny made for him that has all the words in it Daniel likes for you to find and a small packet of treats Daniel made for you to use and decorate your word search.

The little picture on the card is of a Halloween Daniel dressed as a skeleton that my sister drew.  Daniel made the badges as he likes the colours pink and orange and he likes galaxies and also you will get your own mini skeleton to keep!

10% of every membership will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support as it's a charity very special to us. 

So.. here they all are, and go HERE to the shop! Follow Daniel on instagram @ohdeardaniel and use the tags #ohdeardaniel #thedanielfanclub so you can show off and show us what you have made!

We are planning enamel badges and a small pamphlet/newsletter like Pobs News - remember that? As Daniel is the general area manager, CEO and regional distribution manager he gets very busy so we are looking for a P.A to help with his paper works, to sit with him whilst he looks out of the window and be able to brush and style his hair, so do please apply within.