Having a cold, being quiet but it's March!

I've done it again where all of my good new year intentions get shoved down the toilet and I instead sit eating sugared almonds all day as my new teeth can now crunch with confidence.  

I have a lot of explaining to do about my lack of writing and doing hiatus- that's a good word isn't it! and I have put all of that explaining into my letters which will be posted next week in a big pile. It is now March though and we are on the run down finally to nicer lighter times. I am currently typing this with a tissue shoved up my left nostril as I have a cough, cold and sore throat and I feel like a small weak mouse wrapped up in big dressing gowns and blankets. This unwell mouse time has made me do stuff if a little slower and tinier than usual as I am sick of shuffling round sniffing and watching daytime TV. I have instead been reading my new collage book and trying to re-string my puppet.

I made these envelopes and Sandy and Danny popped in for a bit.

I walked around the garden for five minutes to see if my ears would pop and maybe my bad nose would fly away off my face and come back all new, but it didn't. I looked at these things...

Then I came back in as it was cold and I needed a tissue, but I got some nice shadow times whilst I sneezed eight times in a row.

And Daniel showed me his legs. Thanks Daniel.

Now back to sitting while I eat a Pot Noodle for strength.