Who is Eduardo Munez?

I found out about this project on twitter and anything that concerns letters going to the wrong place and sending post to mysterious people I am there!

The project came about when letters started to arrive at Ruth Tapps house. All of the letters were addressed to a Mr Eduardo Munez. Eduardo Munez doesn't live with Ruth. Who is Eduardo Munez? Why does his post keep arriving? Why is it going to Ruth's house? What is inside the letters? Why so many? WHO IS HE!! 

I want to know and you can help to find out by donating to the Who is Eduardo Munez?Indiegogo campaign, tweeting about it using #whoisEduardoM and also sending a letter to Mr Munez, asking just what on earth is going on. The story of these letters is now going to be turned into a short film and is described-  

'On an ordinary suburban street full of extraordinary characters, a battle of wills unfolds between a man, a post woman and an elderly lady. The man must make a stand to reclaim his own letterbox. ‘Eduardo Munez’ is a dark comedy short about a man on the edge... and a lot of letters! Have you ever received mail for someone you don’t know?' -In March this year writer Ruth Tapp was recovering from a serious illness at home, feeling sorry for herself, when she began to receive mail for a mysterious Mr Eduardo Munez. Over the next few weeks, nearly every day she received at least one letter. The letters came in different shapes and sizes and where clearly not from the same sender. This sparked Ruth’s imagination - who is this Mr Eduardo Munez? Why does he get so much mail? Ruth stopped feeling sorry for herself and got to work. She put pen to paper and wrote ‘Eduardo Munez’ - a film inspired by the wrong mail... http://www.pmgla.co.uk/EM/#section_about

It would be really good if you could perhaps send a letter to Eduardo to ask him all about himself. You can find out how to do this here at -http://whoiseduardom.blogspot.co.uk/