Letters- Prisoner Cell Block H.

Following on from my Wentworth vinyl that I don't think I can make into an envelope due to posterity issues, I have started to sing the Prisoner Cell Block H end song at least ten times a day. Be it to Daniel who always purrs when I sing. This could be with fright or he has finally gone deaf and thinks I'm just a pest who he tolerates. I found that once I had finished all of my post basket tasks I started to sing it again... at the post basket. I took a picture of the empty post basket and started from the chorus. Just look at this picture and sing the words 'on the inside, the sun still shines....' put it together with the song and the basket. It is such a beautiful moment. 

I used to love Prisoner. I would secretly watch it at night on my old black and white tele when I was little and when I got given my older sisters colour TV years later with an earphone socket, it was a totally new world.  

I could see Bea in the laundry! I saw the sets! They honestly never wobbled as it was a real prison and Lou Carpenter off Neighbours was a real prison warden before owning The Waterhole.  

Here is a picture of Daniel looking wistful whilst listening to me singing the chorus to him- incidentally this picture will be in the running for Daniels Fan Club membership cards. 

Anyway after that insight into my afternoons of annoying my cat and looking at empty baskets let's look at these things instead -  

A postcard of myself from Annika.

My copy of The Modernist came and I love all of it. You can get one here.

Craig from Cafe Royal Books sent me these lovely things that are now on my lovely things shelf.

I received two postcards from Jamie. Smashing.

and I found a 1 euro cent and the tiniest shoe in the whole world. I love my tiny shoe.