Day Trips- Abandoned Oddness.

Years ago, finding abandoned places to photograph became an obsession of mine. I would see things when out driving and then spend three hours driving round the M60 with an A-Z trying to find them again.

So in January me and friend Lisa decided we would start this mini pastime up again by visiting what looks like an old factory. It was freezing cold and very grey and damp so the spookiness was caused by that we were sure. As we got closer there was lots of graffiti painted on the walls, but so what? we weren't bothered and it had probably been used as a student film set or something like that, yes that's what it was. (we were bothered)

Moving further in with lots of unexplained noises, weird creaks and face hurting cold our revisited pastime became very spooky. I found a rabbit skull and at this point I kept a very strict watch on everything, even the moss was odd to walk on with its spongy trampoline texture. I didn't hide my face in my coat and we definitely didn't speed walk away when we heard a funny whistling sound. We didn't get scared at all and when we got back into the car we laughed all the way home about how stupid it was. Honest it was the best! (It wasn't)