Floor Finds and Penny Club Update.

Recent finds haven't been great. So far the tiny yellow shoe I found last week has been a personal high point and the supermarkets seem to be onto me collecting lists off the floor as they have all gone! I am half expecting a North-west England  poster campaign to start with grainy CCTV images being distributed of my face and my German army coat around the various shops I visit. I think they know my pattern of walking around all the shop corners, eyes down, buying some Battenberg cake and then leaving with more than I came in with. It Is however the best and most superior of coats for all weather terrain and it has lots of pockets for finds. I need a new plan though and a new coat as it is getting a bit warm for it all. Just these three lists in almost a month!!

Vodka and cockles.

I believe!!! Ibuleve.

Week one.

Penny club total from January to April- £2.80

Something is bound to pick up in the world of pennies and lists..right?! 

Also in another week were we shout 'NO, HE CAN'T BE!!!!' I am just going to leave this here.