I Can Feel My Lifetime Piling Up.

Not really but this past week has been a bit much. Studying sure ain't what it used to be and my time management skills have been put to the test as well as my eating skills. I know this as I've drank all the tea, taken a lot of paracetamol for computer headache and eaten three packets of Jaffa Cakes and two tins of rice pudding in the same day oh.. and five packets of Twiglets. I've finished my first assignment and I feel ok about it. I suppose it's getting back into it really and not doing what I have done all my life which is 'the week/night before panic'  

Anyway, if your interested you can read my words at- www.emma515561.wordpress.com Do I sound like I know what I'm doing? Please write to me and let me know, but gently. 

I think all of the gin from last weekend has now left my body as I am now able to look at all my lovely posts without squinting and eating more Twiglets.

Firstly this is Christopher. I watched him for a good half an hour as he scaled next doors plastic hedge screen. 

We will catch up with him shortly.

I became a member of Liverpool Modernist Society. This now matches with my Manchester Modernist Society Badge. I am a badge swot.

My Liverpool membership came with these cards illustrated by Joe Rampley. Doesn't the Atlantic Tower look lovely! Beauties.

I'm just showing you this again.

Hi Christopher!

I received this lovely zine from Bianca and Jaine called Femmes To The Front.

Yo, Chris!?

Lovely posts from Ingrid, Sherlyn and Anu.

Bye Christopher.