Everyday- The Birthday Month of June.

On Monday the 6th June I will have orbited the sun 34 times and I will be celebrating it by eating pizza and maybe some light reading and finding a nice Laburnum to photograph. I will also be having the whole of June as a birthday as I can.

Daniel Club is now open and we would like to thank everyone who has become a member and Daniel hopes that you liked the envelopes and the insides he made for you.

I have been woken up very early most mornings by starling babies shouting in the garden but I have forgiven them as they brought me a beautiful white owl starling that shouted and ate lots of old bits of crumpet. Is it Jareth? 

Here he is with his friends.

I grew these.

Daniel bought himself a new sun umbrella to keep his ears safe.

He seems content with his outdoor setup.

I split my Aloe Vera and I am donating them to Victoria Park Butterfly House in Widnes once they are stronger. Follow them on twitter @VPETHALTON and you can see pictures of the house I took here.

Outgoing posts.

Incoming posts from Beth, Karen and Jamie.

Incoming from Heather with some Pocky.

Incoming from Anne.