Everyday- 34 and the giant birthday potato.

I already thought I was 34 for over six months now so I think I can give myself an extended birthday of a further six months due to forgetfulness. I did last week remember something very clearly that happened when I was in high school and I remembered everything, the shoes I had on- Kickers with many tags. Who I was with, what was said and then I went cold after realising it was 20 years ago so I ate a piece of cake and had a Nana nap to recover. I had a lovely birthday week of gallivanting, roller disco, slush puppies, garden centres and swimming and as I am now entering birthday fortnight I need to get back into my routines and possibly tidy up the colossal piles of things that have formed in all corners around the house. 

Here are some pictures and posts from the past week and a bit;

I found a hatched birthday blackbirds egg.

Interior of birthday roller disco and birthday Slush Puppie. It was awesome!

I ate this giant potato on my birthday, the picture doesn't do it justice it was massive and I drank birthday Dandelion and Burdock and birthday burped all the way home.

Birthday beach and fudge post from Jo.

I ran to this as I thought it was a real birthday 50p but a plastic one is just as nice.

I bought this for the cover and for my birthday.

I bought this for the cover and for my birthday.

Birthday post from Laura, Elliott and Tilly. Daniels birthday sausage present isn't pictured as he heard it rustle in the envelope and ate it straight away.

Elliott gave our present a lovely birthday chew. 

Nice birthday things.

Birthday colouring from Lisa, birthday post from Kate and birthday postcard from Nick.

Birthday post and Scrabble lights from Beth.

Birthday post from Jo and Megan.

Birthday post from Annika.

I adopted this photo from The Photo Fostering Project. I picked it special as the man in the picture is admiring his bushes. It arrived before my birthday but I am going to say it is 'a birthday photo fostering project birthday photograph of a man looking at bushes'.

Go and visit them and adopt some pictures! 

Birthday beach coal.

Birthday beach plastic and a very nice bottle top.

Birthday beach things and a Carling Black Label lid. I used to make shandies out of that when I was younger. I might make them again as it is my birthday.

Do you think I can carry my birthday on for the next six months? I reckon so :)