Everyday-Solstice Gratis Dinners.

I don't believe it is that time of year again and I also don't believe that for three years on the run I have stayed up to watch the sunrise on this most special of days. For this years special day I slept in and then went to Costco in the afternoon and had my whole dinner provided gratis from the try before you buy stands. I had a starter of a chickpea dumpling type thing with a sauce I didn't understand, two massive chicken nuggets and pudding of two cinnamon rolls and a chocolate covered almond. I will be doing this on a weekly basis as I believe we are firm friends now after almost ten years of visiting them. I just know it.

The rest of solstice day has been spent eating mint cornettos, two of, and watching things out of the window. I am still waiting for June to arrive but it already has so now I feel a bit sad that the nights will slowly creep back in over the next few months. With my sense of timing though I probably won't notice until December 22nd and I will be back here saying more enlightened things about Spring arriving soon and how I was wasn't invited to the Costco Christmas party due to a minor incident with the free salad platters that turned out not to be free.

Here are some picture of things that have gone on today, on this most special of days.

I have been looking for a copy of Craft for the Soul ever since it came out last year and I finally tracked one down that was in the UK and on opening it this morning I held it close to my chest and sniffed it. I love Pips website and I have been reading it and her books for years. Go and see her at www.meetmeatmikes.com

Here are some bits and pieces of things from around the garden on this most special day.

Every night at half past nine he sits on the roof and sings until 10pm and he comes back at half past 4 in the early morning to wake everybody up until 5am. I love him but I worry about his sleep patterns.

See that splodge? That is a bat that is.