Everyday- Quiet Things and Trifles.

I have had a quiet week of things really, did some visiting and some eBaying. Sorted out Daniels dinner schedule and received my bank statement which then made me eat a whole strawberry trifle after looking at it. I am trying to stop my 'do all the things at once brain' and focus on 'maybe just do this instead, to be able to do that' but it hasn't worked. I have decided I will eat more trifles until I turn into one and then I can slowly come out of my trifle mood all refreshed and sherry flavoured.

Here is some post from Sarah with a lovely kitten on.

Daniel ate some sausage.

A postcard from Kate. Have you spotted the sandwich filling? ho ho.

My sisters rose bloomed which is always nice and deserves another trifle in celebration.

Penny club count up from January to June is £6.13 which is good for gratis but it is getting tougher out there in penny land.