Everyday- Some Things in July.

July has been a quiet month so far. I have been catching up on my coursework and mainly just sitting. Sometimes you can get into a sitting mood and can't move out of it. I think it is the change of seasons as last week I could smell autumn and this was good for smells but not good as I have only just broken my legs out for summer and have thrown all of my tights away. The perils of the weather.

I have found some nice things though like this old wallpaper in a chest of drawers I bought and 22p found in Morrison's car park. Penny Club proceeds are rising again!

I picked all of these blackcurrants to make a pie with.

I found this passion flower all dried up outside my door. Is it a sign? From Jareth?

A living art piece that became attached to my shoe.

My buddleia is flowering nice and every day I stuff it up my nose several times as I love the smell so much. I get lots of drunk bee friends on it and they each have their own stem to drink from. 

Daniel is keeping busy eating his cat mint plant. 

My Michaelmas has started growing again. This is a September thing, I said I could smell autumn.