Everyday- A Week of Finds and Stuff.

This has been an excellent penny finding week. All this was found in Aldi, a bus stop and a train station. I missed out on a 2p in Sainsbury's as it was wedged under the self service, but I know it is there and I will return!

I have also been looking after my sisters Guinea pigs and today they went home. I changed their names to Bet and Elsie and they are now very tough and like chips. Go here and you will see them nice. Since they've been gone...all that's left is a baby corn....All that's left of the dreams I hold...

I found this lovely note and I am very pleased with this gentleman's time keeping. What did he say? who is Beryl? I need to know!! 

This was found in a library book. Pads, nets and cash.

I received these lovely postcards and thank you to Jamie for the buns!!

I am now thinking about fish finger butties and some ready salted square crisps, so I go and do that now.