Letters- Nesting and Shopping for Ian.

So far this week all two days of it, I have been nesting, which to me means piling myself up on my bed surrounded by empty cups of tea, lists and paperwork that needs doing. I have decided that I am not going to do any of the important things yet as I just can't be bothered. Instead I made this post, showing the lovely Julie Goodyear before she was Bet Lynch.

My sister bought me this shell jewellery box of dreams back from her holidays. I will put my found dolls legs inside it.

Harold looking at queen Madge with delight.

It is starting to get darker earlier which I am yet to deal with. This was taken at half past eight. It's too much. 

Daniel washed himself.

I rescued my sweet peas from beetles for two hours and this is all I have left to show of my task.

and a lovely shopping list detailing a lot of meat delicacies for Ian. For god sake Ian, I hope you didn't forget the Fanta!