Everyday-Cocteau Twins and Being Judged.

Sometimes you get a parcel of things that makes you laugh very loudly and hold very tight. I received such a parcel this week from Dan, and inside it were all of my favourite things. Buried amongst loads of other tiny trinkets I found the Cocteau Twins, some strawberry Chewits and some Frazzles. All of the BEST things. The Chewits and Frazzles have now been eaten to help mend my sore throat and topped off with Iceblink Luck, dictionnaire and my new knitted friend I am all better.

Post from Jamie and a kitty card from Lorelai. 'French kitty's in the USA' (I am so sorry)

Announcement post of the lovely queen Ellis Rose from Margaret addressed to Master Daniel and Mistress Emma. I like this!

I visited my sister today and played and petted her cats. Sonny told me secrets, Mimi shouted and Ollie had some ham. I know it is cheating and unfortunately Daniel knew it too. This is him confronting me when I got home.

This is him telling me to turn away from him as I smelled of lies and fur.