Daytrips- Penny Club Manchester Northern Branch August AGM 2016

Back in August, Penny Club had its Northern Branch Manchester almost end of summer but not 2016 AGM. Pennies have been scarce of late and this can be disheartening at times so I was expecting big results on the streets. After a delayed train and sitting in the shelter with a lovely lady called June who was going to Eccles for the day, I ate my secret French Fancy and rescued a bee stuck in a spiders web. 

The train had 1000 free seats but everybody came to sit with me and I sat on my sandwiches due to the squash of people. I managed to fluff them back up again but they still tasted squashed. After arriving, being lifted up and glided through Piccadilly and then getting all my hair blown into my mouth once outside, I made my way to  Manchester Art Gallery where the AGM was beginning. Northern regional manager and CEO Ingrid presented Sarah and I with golden spa eye treats containing real gold which I used that evening and I felt like Joan Collins. Ingrid also found me this beautiful shopping list of dreams. Treats for the box. Treats for everyone!

After secret penny chats, we then wandered around and ate mini gingerbread men and looked at things like these lips by Boris Nzebo.

Wobbly mirrors which I liked as we all  became tall but we made too much noise by not taking it seriously so we had to move on. 

We touched things like these neon plastic bits and then entered The Krypton Factor but there was no Gordon to help us.

I liked this ladies dainty hair pearls.

Lowry goodness, and the very excellently named 'Head of a Boy'.

We then ventured into the Vogue exhibition and saw Lady Di and some nice bits of Dior, but all I kept thinking about was this gold jumpsuit with holograms and purple satin. I want it. 

After more business talk we became weary so we decided to get our faces put onto stickers and also buy stickers in the shape of teeth. 

We then headed to Salford Zine Library to look at the Today Zine exhibition by Stef Bradley and eat and have tea.

Fred Aldous Penny Club portrait session for the boardroom.

Winners! and 20p found on the escalator. WINNER! 

Total AGM club count - 24p- combined earnings. 

5 Euro cent.

3 big dinners and a three sachets of sugar for the sachets of sugar jar. 

My penny club total for this year so far is- £7.74 but I owe it £6 as I needed a hair dye. This is all good and is allowed to happen in pages- 209-215, paragraphs 40-45 of The Penny Club Rule Book under the heading - Allowed owings.