Letters- Still waiting for April.

It is the 21st September and I am perplexed at how this happened. I know I bang on about this all the time with my 'oh its (insert month you fancy here)' but really? October next week? I need to check my jumper for moth holes as 'The great moth eating a hole out of the back of my jumper, exposing my bra completely innocently until my coat came off incident of 2012' cannot be repeated ever again. I haven't dared to show my face in a Little Chef since.

Here are my outgoing posts; some ladies at a pottery factory for Diane.

Kylie and kids for Nick and Kimmie.

Ladies Liz and Di battling it out over the floral wallpaper. Jo, I am sorry for this.

I collected lots of conkers for Dan and said that I would hatch them. 


I found 12p all in a line. That was some holey pocket.

On my trip out to look for greenhouses, I found a mini traffic cone, two pieces of Lego, a 5 Euro cent and a tiny shoe! I think this is the best tiny shoe I have ever found. I held it close to my face.

Incoming postcards from Jo and Sarah.

Incoming from April and Heather.

ABBA and kitty post that made me gasp from April.

A packet of letters from Jamie and PRINCE!!!


Daniel laughed at me as I tripped over the washing basket and threw all of the washing into the air and into a dirty bucket of water. I will never forgive him for this.

My children are still growing in the greenhouse.

I had a nose at my sunflowers that have turned into triffids, some with four heads on. These bees fell off this sunflower after this picture was taken. I think they ate too much of it.

Daniel setting his garden traps.