Everyday- Penny Club- Round up 2016.

Penny land hasn't been that good to me in the year of 2016. I tried my very best and have been on my knees more times than I care to remember picking up stray 5ps from unmentionable places. After the bumper score from 2015 I was certain I was well on the way to £100 at least. Sadly no, my poor knees will never forgive me, neither will the old lady whose shopping trolley became dislodged from her tight grip so I could grab the 10p that was underneath one of the wheels. I want to be sorry but this is real life penny club in action, on the mean streets and that is that. So 2016's score is £11.58. I am striving for the £100 this year and if it means I have to crawl to the pennies through a tunnel filled with jelly then I will just have to, and also eat some.

Christmas was nice and here are some Christmas posts that Daniel and I received. Daniel loved all of his cards and he sat nice and chewed them. The postman even said 'Your cat gets a lot of post doesn't he?' 'Yes, he does!' I chirped like an overprotective lioness. 'He is my precious prince!'. The postman hasn't been back since. I miss him. 

I have started January well I think, one of the best I would say. I have slept in, had baths and completed a day trip to see Picasso's lino cuts at Port Sunlight as this is what day trips in my 34th and a half year look like now. I had a bowl of soup and a turkey butty whilst there but I did not have any car sweets which was most unsettling.

Finally my new bouncy ball collection is looking lovely and I have even fashioned them a crystal bowl (glass) to sit in. Small steps.