Everyday- Garden-September.

If I am honest, these past few months I haven't been that bothered with gardening. I managed to let everything grow and keep it flowering and letting it all do what it wanted. I have done this since I was little as I never had any garden rules to deal with except plant it and see.

With the huge online influx of house plant lovers, garden mood boards, endless books with nice covers and 'new wave gardeners'- this is a real thing, I suppose some could get deflated and wonder why their garden doesn't look anything like the precious mood board you spent ages making, the Instagram cactus you bought has gone black and now it is all over. Why haven't I got a wall of spider plants in my house?- These are real comments and very important issues that keep some awake at night.  My answers to these things stem from a lot of years being not that bothered when gardening as it will all work out in the end and also enough now and just do what you like as it is tiresome.

No question and answer sessions, just do it like Shia said. Grow what you like, in what you like, where you like. If it packs in, it packs in, plant something else. You really do not need 14 cheese plants and 74 spider plants as where there is one spider plant, 73 babies will grow from it.

For examples of real times that not many people will admit to in the 'new gardening era' these are the only four tomatoes I grew that survived. The rest got eaten by Simon the resident fat snail who avoids Edmund the obese frog. I was pleased with the four and they tasted like water. Thanks.


Michaelmas is the first indication to me that autumn is here. It is currently blooming all along the M6 motorway and it is lovely. This is mine that has been moved over ten times throughout its two year stay with me. The rest went mouldy and died and after this nice display it will probably pass away like its previous friends. This is ok, we had a good run and thankyou Michaelmas.


The bee hotel plants or Echium to be proper aren't that fond of northern England but they self seeded two years ago and still they carry on. They might not survive the winter but I have a blanket to keep them safe. Daniel likes to sit underneath them and kiss mice he catches until they are full of spit.


Again, no attention for my palm, some water and some sun when it came out. Tough love.


The Buddleia still gets butterflies visiting so until they hibernate it stays, same with the lily leaves and the weird succulent thing that was 20p in the garden centre. Things live on them and in the soil so until they are sleeping they stay put quiet.


Plan twice, garden once and sit on the back step, enjoy the changing light and seasons with a cup of tea and a copy of Prima. You know as well as I do that you read it... sometimes.