2017 Year Wipe Penny Count Up.

Penny Club comes in waves. Some weeks you can be quids in with almost 22p jingling in your penny club purse. Some weeks a lonely 5p is all that separates you from the world of dropped coins. This past year has presented me with lots of different places to visit and see and the geography of such places has determined my end of year Penny Club salary. The best finds where in these places;

Bridlington- 34p

Petersfield- 21p

Morrisons- £3.24 Various stores-secret you see.

Aldi- £2.86-Various.

The North of England fared better than the South, but the South did provide unexpected treats of the odd 1p when all hope of finding was lost. 

So 2017's grand total is £12.74.

I have found it is usually one or the other, shopping lists or coins and both are welcomed but with the advent of everybody penny clubbing it is getting harder- I am taking to the Nana's here- I saw you eye that 20p up and I let you this once seeings as you had dropped your Arrowroot biscuits three times to get across to it.


Not shown in the picture is the £4.50 I took out to pay the milkman. When there is no change in the house, Penny Club will provide.

Places to avoid-

Bournemouth -Nothing

Marks and Spencer- Nothing

Pets at Home- Nothing

The big car park by Brighton Pier- Nothing

Worthing Pier- Nothing

The posh garden centre in Preston- Nothing.

So with my jar cleaned out I will continue into Penny Club 2018.

Please let me know how you all did with your finds and your do's and dont's for the rule book which is imaginary but exists somewhere I am sure. Maybe we should write our own?