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I have had a bumper, yes bumper load of finds these past few weeks. One almost everyday except last Tuesday, which is very good going into these lean months of just beans and rice pudding.


I hope they got the puree. 

K towel.

Bite size.


Little sausage.

Colour run sheets.

Egg Sandwich.

Apple pie and custard.

and a lovely load of writing about love and happiness and I am imagining whoever wrote it, being dramatically drunk on red wine and then Cherry B from the late shop as all the wine went before half past 8. They are thinking that 'this is a really good idea, I will write it down, I will tell THEM ALL!!!' Until the next morning when they wake up and they daren't open both eyes for fear of remembering that they did dance and shout to ABBA pissed at half 4 in the morning whilst eating three slices of gateaux.  It was inside the sleeve when I brought it home. Gratis treats.